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Gary Payton Strain

Gary Payton Strain is  Combining the genes of two legendary strains, The Y and Snowman, creates the unusual hybrid known as the Gary Payton Strain. Cannabis aficionados are beginning to recognize this strain, which bears the name of renowned NBA star Gary Payton, as a top-tier strain. This strain has visually appealing buds that are dense and covered in a thick covering of white trichomes.

The Gary Payton Strain has a little diesel undertone mixed with citric and earthy undertones in its scent. Strong but well-balanced, this strain produces a cerebral buzz that gives way to a calming body high. It is a top choice for anyone looking for a strain that can reduce tension and anxiety without having side effects.

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This strain is quite gassy and nice. Buzz does not drag you down too much, like some indices. I’d call it a sativa lean if it had any. Quite a balanced buzz. She has a lot of orange hair, like most pictures show. My batch tests at 21%. I would go for it again.

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Gary Payton features conical-shaped, small, but densely packed buds covered in a covering of sticky and crystalline glandular trichomes. Flaming orange pistils are a hallmark of most strains developed by Famous Cookies. The buds are colored in shades of orange and yellow. Depending on the curing and growing techniques employed, a well-cultivated Gary Payton cannabis strain will have colors ranging from vivid green to purple forest tones. It tastes strongly of berries and soil.

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The highly sought-after hybrid marijuana strain Gary Payton, named for the NBA Hall of Famer, was created by Powerzzzup Genetics in collaboration with Cookies and Kenny Dumetz. A strong, tasty, and vibrant variety is produced when the Y and Snowman are crossed. With its high THC content and negligible CBD content, it offers moderate effects that make for a smooth experience. Numerous cannabis cup prizes have been bestowed to Gary Payton, including first place in the hash category in the 2022 Errl Cup in Arizona and second place in the 2022 The Emerald Cup; strains derived from Gary Payton have also won in Oklahoma and Oregon.

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