Blueberry Skunk Strain


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Blueberry Skunk Strain

One of those strains whose aroma you either love or detest is Blueberry Skunk Strain. This strain, a hybrid between Blueberry and Skunk #1, has a strong skunk scent that overpowers the blueberry aroma it offers. Some claim that Blueberry Skunk and Northern Lights were also bred. A beginner to marijuana who wants to take a nap might benefit greatly from this strong Indica strain’s average THC content.

the Blueberry Skunk overview

Blueberry Skunk weed has an Indica content of 80% or more. It has an average THC potency of 20% and a meager.5% CBD content. The flower itself is a large bud that resembles a Christmas tree and has dark green leaves. The flower is dense, heavy with resin, and has rust-colored hairs and blue undertones, similar to other Indica strains. This bloom has a coating of cream-colored crystals on it.

Blueberry Skunk, a Flying Dutchmen creation, has both therapeutic and recreational uses. You get what Blueberry Skunk is called after when you use it. It smells like a skunk, but with a tinge of earth and blueberry. Hashy, mildly sweet, and of course skunky describe its flavor. It is strong and perfect for nighttime activities.

Possible Benefits of Blueberry Skunk

The THC content of Blueberry Skunk Strain is average, yet the high is still potent and strong. It has a cerebral high that starts out. One would experience euphoria and uplift, which would leave them with laughter and hunger. This strain then relaxes the user by concentrating more on the body. The more blue skunk strain you take, the more sedative effects you’ll experience. The best time to use this is just before bed.




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